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  • Enjoy charming weekends in Vilnius
    Enjoy charming weekends in Vilnius

    Come and get lost. Find out the secrets of old town, meet locals, feel the life of Vilnius

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    Take some time off

    Sun baths on Lithuanian beaches, spas, smell of pine and fresh air

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    Welcome to the country of basketball!
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    Experience Lithuania

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Welcome to Lithuania – The Beautiful Land of Nevermind!

Did you ever know that…


- By the end of the XIV century, Lithuania was the largest country in Europe

- Lithuania was the last country in Europe to be converted to Christianity

- Lithuania was the first Soviet republic which declared its independence from USSR in 1990


- The Geographical Centre of Europe is in Lithuania, near by its capital Vilnius

- Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, has independent republic inside of its Old Town

- Lithuania is no 1 in the world by the number of hot air balloons per resident

- Lithuanian beer is inexpensive, delicious and its various kinds are winning worldwide recognition

- Basketball is the 2nd religion in Lithuania


The Republic of Lithuania is situated on the Eastern coast of Baltic sea and along with Latvia and Estonia form three Baltic States who bordering with Russia in Eastern Europe. It also neighbours with Poland and Belarus and is worldwide known for its many national parks, lakes, forests and castles as well as friendly citizens and BASKETBALL. Memberships in the EU and the NATO have made Lithuania leap into the international arena. Though the country is undergoing vast economic development, it also retains ties with its nature loving, glorious pagan past.

Representing its rich cultural heritage, Lithuania has beautiful examples of gothic, classic and baroque architecture, with about 30 towns and settlements that are almost 750 years old. Ancient architectural styles are seen in the many churches, elegant monasteries, palaces and manors. Vilnius, Trakai, Kaunas and Klaipėda are some of the oldest and most beautiful towns in the world with many of sights having status of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Lithuania offers a large variety of things to experience during your travels. You can go sightseeing; get a glimpse of ancient Lithuanian culture and the mesmerizing sceneries of this Baltic state with its superb seashore beaches, maze of lakes, fascinating landscapes, rich regional reserves, parks and natural SPA resorts - all well connected via roads, air routes and railway system.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania with its UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Town located in a charming valley, and encircled on three sides by forested hills. Vilnius is the cultural and administrative centre of Lithuania and it is a combination of all things modern and ancient. Located by geographical centre of Europe Vilnius has more than forty of the many ancient churches still exist here, along with many beautiful parks and museums. Vilnius Old Town is among the largest in the Eastern Europe.  With its vast and turmoil history, friendly citizens and natural beauty, Vilnius becomes the starting point for many popular Lithuania Tours.

Visitors find Lithuanians being friendly and welcoming, keeping their traditions live to the present day.

Lithuania's climate, which ranges between maritime and continental, is relatively mild. Incredibly fresh air throughout all country is very appealing to most of the travelers. Summers in Lithuania are usually warm and sunny, some days reaching up to 30°C, though be prepared for some cloudy and rainy days. From the middle of May till the middle of September - the best time to visit Lithuanian seaside and enjoy one of the most beautiful sand beaches in the world. Curonian Spit with whole coast is a part of the UNESCO heritage is a must see in Lithuania. From early April to the end of August is the peak travel season therefore its worth to book your accommodation in Lithuania in advance.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lithuania:

Vilnius Old Town


Hill of Crosses

Curonian Spit


Favourite seaside resorts:





SPA destinations:




Major pilgrimage sites:

Gate of Dawn (Vilnius)

Hill of Crosses (Samogitia)

Žemaičių Kalvarija (Samogitia)







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